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Leak Detection Kent

leak-detection-kent-waAre you a resident of Kent, WA with water or sewer leak on your property? Are you depressed by the thought of digging up your floor or yard to find water line pipe leaks?

Relax! Beacon Plumbing is here to take the stress out of your leak detection needs. We offer you extremely professional, non-destructive leak detection solutions to find water line pipe leaks.

Our family operated business has provided leak detection services in the Kent area since 1999. We specialize in residential and commercial leak detection, and can locate any type of hidden leaks, including

  • Main water line leak
  • Plumbing system leak
  • Heating leak
  • Sewer leak
  • Irrigation system leak

Water or sewer leak can happen even on well-maintained Kent properties. With our leak detection services just a phone call away, property owners need not lose sleep over their leakage issues.


Find Water Line Pipe Leaks Kent

find-water-line-pipe-leaks-kent-waAs experienced water and sewer leak detection specialists, we understand the disruption, damage and stress water leaks can create for a Kent home or business. We work hard to find water line pipe leaks and end our customers’ problems quickly and efficiently.

Whenever Kent residents hire our leak detection services to find water line pipe leaks, we make sure our technicians

  • Arrive promptly to find water line pipe leaks and put customer at ease
  • Work fast to find water line pipe leaks without delay
  • Work systematically to find water line pipe leaks with minimal hassle to customer
  • Use advanced technologies to find water line pipe leaks without damaging property

Our exceptional leak detection capabilities and diligent attitude helps us find water line pipe leaks on Kent properties accurately so that appropriate solutions can be applied to fix the problem.


24x7 Sewer Leak Detection in Kent

sewer-leak-kent-waIt is best for Kent property owners to catch sewer leak early on and have the sewer line repaired before much damage is done. You can also contact us for help with any one of the following:

Kent residents should call us over for leak detection as soon as they observe any sewer leak indications. We offer 24x7 sewer leak detection services and come prepared with video sewer leak locating facilities.

Looking for an expert to find water line pipe leaks on your Kent property? Need reliable professionals for sewer leak detection? Call Beacon Plumbing to speak with your local Kent plumber at (253) 220-6100

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